PeelyPack - About

PeelyPack is all about bringing JOY into every day — for kids and grown ups! We do this by making fun, silly play products for kids that surprise and delight the whole family. Welcome to our fun sticker world. We invite you to be a part of our joy!

Hi, and welcome! I’m Emily, founder of PeelyPack. You might be curious as to why I started a sticker company. Well, sure, it’s because I love stickers and my own kids will choose them over ice cream (gasp!). But it’s more than that.

PeelyPack stickers are my way of giving you a little boost of playful energy with your kids. It’s my way of helping you focus on finding the JOY in every day.

When you’re a PeelyPack family, you receive a bright package in the mail that instantly looks fun. You open it up with your excited child and — wow! So many colors and funny designs! Look, an astronaut hamster! Isn’t that silly? Where should we put the little guy? And you’re off!

Suddenly that tantrum thirty minutes ago is ancient history, and the day is looking up. You think, “seeing my kid giggle like this reminds me how happy I am to have him in my life.” THAT is why I started PeelyPack.

We take your family to a fun play land with stickers to spark little imaginations (and big ones, too), filling your home with laughter and joy. Every mom needs a boost, and a little help finding the humor in the everyday grind. I hope to give you that, too.

I also hear from plenty of moms that PeelyPack saves the day when they’re looking for something screen-free to entertain the kids while making dinner or on a road trip (or when they just want to relax for a bit!).

In addition to our stickers, we also have a blog with fun activity ideas for kids. We share sneak peeks and cool tips on Facebook . And we show some behind-the-scenes stuff and #momlife funnies on Instagram . And then there’s Pinterest . Oh Pinterest. Where does the evening go when I’m with you?

If you have questions about anything PeelyPack, just send me an email and say hello . I always love hearing from our community.