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Sticker Pocket Valentine's Day Cards

Don’t you love celebrating Valentine’s Day with kids? The crafts! The stickers! And yes…the treats! I love it. Here's a fun craft to spread the love this Valentine's Day. Click to see how to make this super cute Sticker Pocket Valentine's Day card!

Kids' Art Supplies Out of Control?

The New Year/post-Christmas blitz at our house means so. many. toys. and crafts. How we are able to fit all of the kid Christmas loot into our home is a mystery of physics that scientists have yet to solve. Luckily, the post-Christmas art supply and toy rotation/giveaway is well underway!

Interview with a PeelyPack Artist

We’re going behind the scenes and interviewing one of the artists who creates the PeelyPack stickers and activity sheets you love and adore. She’s also a mom of three, working from home, who has some road-tested advice for balancing work and family.