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Projects for Kids & Tips for Parents

Storytelling with Stickers: A Creative Game for Families

Today I’m sharing with you a simple and SILLY game that my whole family, from ages two to 32ish, loves to play: storytelling with stickers!

Kids' Art Supplies Out of Control?

The New Year/post-Christmas blitz at our house means so. many. toys. and crafts. How we are able to fit all of the kid Christmas loot into our home is a mystery of physics that scientists have yet to solve. Luckily, the post-Christmas art supply and toy rotation/giveaway is well underway!

Interview with a PeelyPack Artist

We’re going behind the scenes and interviewing one of the artists who creates the PeelyPack stickers and activity sheets you love and adore. She’s also a mom of three, working from home, who has some road-tested advice for balancing work and family.